Mosaik - Sojourn

1. Mr Hyde (Andy Schlinder)
2. Snake Song (Kevin Brown)
3. A Spotless Mind (Andy Schlinder)
4. Poiema (Kevin Brown)
Sojourn (Kevin Brown)
. In a Half Shell (Preyas Roy)
 Chuva (Nils Higdon)
8. Shaw's Destiny (Andy Schlinder)

Andy Schlinder - Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophones
Kevin Brown - Fretless Guitar
Preyas Roy - Vibraphone
Alex Wing - Electric and Acoustic Bass
Nils Higdon - Drums

Recorded and Mixed by: Nick Eipers
Recorded at Columbia College in Chicago, IL.
Recorded Feb 6, 2012 except track 2 July 9, 2012.
Art Work by: Mychal Brown

Liner Notes:

Saxophonist Andy Schlinder wrote "Mr. Hyde" while
living in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood. The main
theme is stated right away and returns throughout the
piece.  An intense 15/4 swing feel dominates the second
section, giving a stark contrast between the subtlety of
 the main theme and the ferocity that can erupt.

"Snake Song" is a composition in 25/8. It has 10
irregular beats in a pattern of 322 32 233 23. The piece
is loosely based on the form of Wayne Shorter's "ESP"
and utilizes some preliminary experimentation in
negative polarity.

"A Spotless Mind" is a work inspired by the film Eternal
Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The opening theme in
4/4 serves as a send off to the middle section, which
represents a bewildering journey through one's mind. 
The opening theme returns at the end but is now in 5/4
having been changed by the intense journey. 

"Poiema" is based on the negative changes of the
standard 'All the Things You Are.' Its time signature,
42/8, is derived from the Morse code of the Greek word
'Poiema', which means workmanship. The beats are
grouped 2332 3332 22222 3323.

Guitarist Kevin Brown composed "Sojourn" using

Olivier Messiaen's 3rd mode of limited transposition. 

The time signature is derived from the Morse code of

the Hebrew word 'Ger' which refers to a person travelling

through a foreign land. The rhythmic cycle is 332 232

and totals 15/8.


"In a Half Shell" is a 9/4 composition that is based

on 'A Hard Day's Night' by the Beatles. It features an

extended partido alto groove for the drum solo. 


Rain (or 'Chuva' in Portuguese) is a fascinating

archetypal image. While frequently an indication

of pain and forthcoming turmoil, it is also a symbol

of growth and new beginnings. The composition

reflects this duality but ultimately it is a celebration

of strength and the ability to overcome obstacles. 


Andy Schlinder wrote "Shaw's Destiny" for one of his

biggest inspirations, trumpeter Woody Shaw. The piece

is based on a blues-inspired bass ostinato and the

concept is to approach the feel in a straight-ahead

swing style. The work is also an homage to the Art

Blakey and the Jazz Messengers of the early 60's. 


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