Mosaik is a Chicago based jazz group that performs original compositions and some original arrangements.  The group seeks to re-interpret various new and old concepts in music.  Some of the ideas that the group has explored include mixed meters, extended time signatures, Morse code derived rhythms, the augmented scale, Messiaen's modes of limited transposition, 12-tone serialism, linear counterpoint to list a few.  The group also uses collective improvisation and free improvisation in addition to featuring individual soloists.

The group has performed around Chicago at venues such as the Green Mill, Joe and Wayne Segal's Jazz Showcase, the Chicago Jazz Festival, and others.  The group also held a long standing regular engagement at Phyllis' Musical Inn in the Wicker Park part of Chicago.  The group has also independently released three albums of original music.  Click HERE for music

Mosaik has performed in many formats ranging from sextet all the way down to duo.  The original line-up of Mosaik included Andy Schlinder (saxes), Kevin Brown (fretless guitar), Preyas Roy (vibes), Ian Stewart (bass), and Nils Higdon (drums).  For Mosaik's third release the line-up featured Alex Wing on bass.  Other musicians that have performed with the group include Tim Seisser (bass), Ben Scholz (drums), Lucas Gillan (drums), David Bugher (Vibes), Matt Davis (trombone), Andrew Thompson (trombone), Zack Marks (drums), Juan Pastor (drums) and Matt Gold (bass)

The group is currently not performing, for updates join the mailing list.

 Mosaik - (Left to Right) Andy Schlinder, Kevin Brown, Preyas Roy, Nils Higdon, Alex Wing.
Photo by: Julie Potratz

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