What People are Saying 

"Kevin's concept shines through from the first note he plays on his fretless guitar. Thinking outside the box is rare today and he's doing it with grand compositions and improvisations. I'm looking forward to hearing more!"
Rez Abbasi, NY- July 4th/2011, http://www.reztone.com/

"Kevin Brown is quickly establishing himself as one of the unique musicians in the Chicago jazz scene. His work on the fretless guitar is instantly recognizable in a town stacked with great guitarists. If you're looking for a fresh sound, find it in Kevin Brown."
- Scott Hesse, http://scotthesse.org

"His fretless guitar is a breath of fresh air, not only because the tone and timbre is so different, but also because Brown’s approach to the instrument changes too."
Paul Abella, Chicago Jazz Magazine, May/June 2011

 "Every track features the Barkley fretless which proves to be more than just a gimmick. The unique tone and playing style elevate tunes that are interesting in their own right into another realm entirely."
Matt Tanaka, IndieMonday, 6/27.2011

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